Hello gorgeous! I am very sorry for being silent for a long time but it was very hard time for me. Now I have a completely new lifestyle and habits and would even say that I have my second life. But new me is here ready for being make up geek :) So today I want to share with you my experience with a new mascara by Maybelline called Illegal Length.
What Maybelline says:
Build 4mm of measurable extensions!
- Fiber-fix brush has 6 different contact points with each lash for optimal fiber placement.
- Breakthrough formula contains fibers up to 4mm in length.
- Sealing formula stretches lashes and seals fibers to lashes.
- Washable.
Also I have some special information for bloggers that mascara contains both hard and soft waxes for better texture and a lash conditioner (sounds promising, right?).

My thoughts: this mascara is definitely lengthening mascara :) I have quite long but thin lashes so I am looking for a volumizing mascaras with more dramatic effect. But I found this mascara great for everyday use. Mascara wand is very unique and I like that lashes look a bit mess-around and very natural. See images of my eye:


and wearing Illegal Length mascara

Mascara retails for about 11-12 euros and available here or in most drugstores. RRP in Latvia is 7.99 Ls
P.S. for latvian girls. Drogas līdz 22.07 Maybelline dekoratīvai kosmētikai ir 25% atlaides un arī dāvaniņas pie pirkumiem. Vairāk info šeit