Hello gorgeous! Today the sun is shining and my lashes are stretching (because of mascara by Armani :) I got this mascara from skaistumlapa`s giveaway in the end of March. Baiba, I am so sorry that it took so much time for me to make this post (and I hope you don`t mind I stole some pictures from you). So...
A one-of-a-kind mascara that provides exceptional length and unrivaled definition – while providing a flexible feel and no clump effect. For a high-definition fringe in a single sweep. The lashes are amplified and lengthened to the extreme. An extraordinarily lengthening texture. The lash fringe is lengthened, curved and perfectly defined. Micro-Fil Lengthening technology for lengthened and highly defined lashes Extremely easy to apply, it cloaks each lash 360% from root to tip.
First of all Eyes To Kill Stretching mascara has very unique wand.

(the image is taken from skaistumlapa)

The brush is like 2-dimensional :) (I mean not 3D because it is flat. The idea is - firstly you place the brush parallel to the lashes (see left on the image) to reach even the smallest lashes. And then place the brush perpendicular to the lashes (so this will turn the brush "classical") to comb them through - to separate. 
This mascara is definitely a lenghtening mascara. It won`t give an incredible volume to the lashes but will give a good definition and length. It is great for every day and it is incredibly long lasting. I was in Tallinn in the beginning of April and it was a kind of mixture of rain and snow (in April!) falling from the sky, and I had no umbrella! Eyes to kill killed all the other "panda" girls in a bus. Girls tried to wipe their eyes and discussed that only waterproof mascara can handle such nasty weather. Ha-ha, losers! :D Eyes to kill looked the same as just applied.
Me wearing  Eyes To Kill: 

my eye "naked"

and wearing Armani Eyes To Kill Stretch lengthening mascara

So, what do you think? Have you tried this mascara? I would go for something more volumising (probably because my lashes are long but not so thick), but as I said - this is great mascara for everyday wear.