Hello gorgeous! Today I want to do review on Universal Lip Glow by Loreal Paris. It's a lip balm, which gives you a unique tint as it adapts to your own lip color. It comes out clear as you first apply it, but after a few seconds it gradually becomes pink. Nothing very obvious, just sheer pink undertone. It's silicone based so it glides on your lips very smooth and leaves very moisturized feeling. This lip balm is perfect base under lip stick even the matt-finish ones which are kind of to hard work with (at least for me).

It costs around £9, but I got is as a gift to my purchase couple months ago. When I first saw it, I totally fell in love. I think it’s kind of obvious why – the packing is so chic and sleek. But  product itself  has pinky orange glycerin looking consistency. 

 On their web site it says that the product is enriched with pomegranate extract, but i deficiently can’t smell it :) although it has nice smell, nothing overwhelming.

The swatch on my hand

And my lips

Perfect present for Valentine’s day – for yourself :)