Hello gorgeous!
Today I am going to review mascara. I had chance to get sample of  Diorshow New Look Mascara with Lash Multiplying Effect. I've been trying it out for couple weeks now and I am ready to share my opinion with you  :)

Tube of it looks like this. 1,5 ml in sample size - enough for me to try :)

First of all - smell. It smells nice, doesn't have cheap plastic smell, more like 'waxy' smell.
Secondly - wand. When I first looked at it, it seemed very regular rubber or latex wand, but then I noticed that it has weird looking tip. Bistles on the tip are smaller and placed less frequently.

It supose to be very unique brush that works only for this mascara (haven't tried it with other mascaras), nano tehnology with 'lash catcher'.
About formula - dior.com says that mascara has new formula with regenerating serum that provides special treatment to your lashes that makes them thicker and visibly multiplied.
I don't know anything about nano thenology, but I feel like this mascara doest what it says. It gives volume and feels very luxurious on lashes.

                      before                                                 and                                                   after

Everything would seem so perfect, but I must addmit that I realy didn't like this mascara. I realy tried to work with it, but still nothing. Just because durind the day mascara transfers to my lid. And noone likes that look. I don't have very oily lids, it never happened with other mascaras. Even if I apply powder, eyeshadow base and eyeshadow on top of it, somehow this mascara still happens to get on my lid. When I tried to wear it without eyeshadow (only mascara and liner) I saw black marks on my skin already in one hour.

I can wear it only if I need to run out just for couple minutes to buy something. But who would buy Dior and spend $28.50 on mascara to make groceries?