Hello gorgeous! Today I went to my bathroom and realized that I have loads and loads of cosmetics. I am not talking about makeup but mostly of skincare, bodycare, haicare, buttcare :D...whatever. Tonnes of bottles I buy, try, put away, then buy something like product being just launched or some amazing product being lavished bu other bloggers and again...whatever :D

I have about 6 half empty (or half full :D facial cleansers, a LOT of facial masks, a LOT of body oils and lotions and a lot of other stuff :) And I think that I am not the only girl (and especially girl having beauty blog) owning such a cosmetic warehouse. So I propose a 1 month  challenge! Not to buy any new skincare or haircare or whatevercare product before I wont use at least 2 similar products I own. Who is going with me? :D Don`t let me alone :D I hope I gonna have a lot of empties after one month :)