Hello gorgeous! On Black Friday sale I purchased a brush roll and some brushes from Sigma:
Sigma lip brush L05, brow and lash E80, eyeliner E05
Here are my brushes: Sigma Brow and lash groomer E80, Lip brush L05 and a free gift Eyeliner brush E05 (pink one). And of course the brush roll:
Sigma brush roll
The brush roll looks very nice and expensive. Faux leather is very soft and easy to clean. It also has no smell (which is very good :) I was not expecting that the brush roll is so huge! :) You can see how big it is in comparison to my arm
Sigma brush roll
Take a look inside:
Sigma brush roll
And with brushes:
I am very pleased with my purchase :) My brushes finally became portable :) The best thing about it is the fact that my brushes are protected from dust (between the usage times) :)  How do you like brush roll? Are you interested in review of the brushes?