Hello gorgeous! Some time ago I bought blush brush by Ecotools and i really like it. My mum also wanted a blush brush, so I decided to buy a new one for her. I`ve decided to buy not a single brush but a set called Bamboo 6 piece brush set. The price in my local counter was about 20$ and I decided to look for the set on ebay. The price on ebay was about 8$ (+ free shipping) and I thought WOW! What a bargain! The set arrived pretty fast but i was completely disappointed as it was definitely a counterfeit! As you can see the packaging by itself looks very suspiciously.
 Just look at the lebel!

 Compare with the real brush
 Now just look at the quality of the brush case
To the brushes: they are not so bad quality
 but angled brush is deformed
 concealer and the eyeshadow brush are completely similar (the only difference is in fiber color)
here you can see how ferrules  stand behind handles
And my point of interest. the blush brush. TA-DA! 
 and the front view
Also the Ecotools lebel is printed only on the biggest brush.
I`ve contacted the seller and get my money back (so for free the brushes are OK)