Hello gorgeous! I personally found posts like this quite useful. When you just purchased a new jar of cream or new eyeshadow you may be very excited by the product, but after using it for a while you may discover that it tend to crease or fade, or even cause outbreaks or allergy. That`s why in posts like this the author is much more accurate and not influenced by the first impression. So these are my october`s OUTs
1. Tigi Bed head ROCAHOLIC energizing shampoo. Well...i`m glad this huge bottle is empty :) it was OK, but nothing special and i definitely don`t like the smell of it. Won`t repurchase.
2. L`ACTION moisturizing facial mud mask. Again it was OK, but nothing special. At first impression this seemed very moisturizing to me, but it was very hard to wash off, and after some time (10 minutes maybe) i felt i definitely need to apply moisturizing cream otherwise my skin feels too tight and even little bit itchy.
3. Avene extremely gentle cleanser. I love it! This one dissolves make up very fast (i mean foundation and concealer, i don`t use this for eyes) and very gentle. Even if i do not use any creams afterwards i do not feel any discomfort on my skin. I already ordered a new bottle of it.
4. Garnier Fuctis Double Care Color Shield. I like that there is no need to wash it out and the fact that it do not make my hair look or feel heavy or greasy. I was quite good for the price, but there are a lot of new products on the market and i`ll look for something else.
5. Bioderma Sebium cream for oily skin (sample size). I like the smell of it and the consistency and also how it controls oil. Will think about purchasing in a full size.
6. Lierac Mat-Chrono anti aging cream. I got it from Lierac promo campaign. The size of a jar is 15 ml (it`s almost half of a full size). I like the product itself - how it controls oiliness of the skin, but i do not like the consistency (it is too thick and very hard to blend). If you apply too much of this cream and try to blend it starts to rub off and form like...white lumps. Don`t think i`ll purchase it in a full size.
7. AVON nail experts liquid freeze - nail polish drier. I like the product and it really makes nail polish to dry faster, but i don`t like the spray packaging as the (oily) product goes not only on the nails but also on the carpet, or the floor, or the sink (if you are trying to do this in bathroom). So the product itself is good but i will check if AVON has the other kind of packaging.
8. Kiss ultra growth nail growth stimulator. This one really stimulated the growth of my nails but while using it you need to forget about the nail polish, as the nail polish won`t dry on top of this product :(
9. Skin doctors Rapid peel. I`m so amazed by the product. Using it for about first 10 times did not see any results, but afterwards it started to re-textured and smoothed my skin. There are no dry patches or small skin flakes left on my skin. The skin is very smooth, even and soft. I highly recommend rapid peel.
Hope it was helpful.