Hello gorgeous! Today I gonna show you some nasty images and review nose and face pore strips :) So I bought them in Drogas (local drugstore) and I don`t really remember the price, but I found these at ebay for ~ 6 $.

Each pack holds 6 strips (6 nose strips or 3 + 3 forehead and chin strips).

To use them you need to wash your face with oil free facial wash (directions for use says to use soap). Then wet the area you want to treat. Apply the strip and allow it to dry for 10-15 min. Then peel off. And here you can see the results (sorry for nasty images) :

As you can see nose strip really did the job. After the first usage there were a lot of blackheads on the strip, but my nose was not completely free of them. After second usage (a week later) my nose is completely free of nasty blackheads :)
Do you use any stuff like this?