Hello gorgeous! I`ve tested new (for me) nose pore strips and  today I won`t show you nasty images :) I purchased them in local supermarket PRISMA for 1.55 Ls (~3 $). The pack contains 6 nose strips and it is written that the product is paraben free.

The shape is a bit different from Beauty formulas nose pore strips (and I better prefer Purederm`s shape.
 To compare: Beauty formulas:
In comparison to Beauty Beauty formulas Purederm strips are easier to remove. Thus they do not pull out tiny hair  from your skin (meaning the procedure is less painful). The effect of blackhead removing is similar. BUT! I just can`t stand the smell of aloe(?) in Purederm. It is just so terrible to my nose :( That is the only reason I won`t buy them again. So if this smell is fine for you, I would recommend you to choose Purederm product.