Hello gorgeous! I do not have much empty pots this month. I don`t know if it is good or bad, but this is just the way it is :)

1.      Elpis (Latvian brand) – anti cellulite massage oil №1. It has very invigorative and strong scent ( I guess it is some kind of citrus fruit peel). I think that the most important thing in anti cellulite treatment is the massage itself. And it is much easier to make the massage using some oil :) Interesting thing I have noticed that I always feel thirsty after using this oil. Maybe it stimulates lymphatic drainage? I think this oil is a very interesting product and I also gain some good results with it :) Comment for Latvian girls: Drogās uz jaunām Elpis eļļām 15.11.–18.12. Iepazīšanās cena – atlaide 25% :) http://www.drogas.lv/lat/jaunie-produkti/kermenim/elpis-masazas-ellas-3-veidi-100-ml
2.      Yves Saint Laurent - Perfect Touch Radiant Brush Foundation (I got tester from ebay.com). It looks like this in a full size.

It promises to restore skin's optimal hydration level and ensure a flawless result. The product should be for all skin types. Well…I think the finish is too powdery, which makes the face look fake and flat. It emphasizes dry patches on the skin, thus it is not suitable for dry skin. Also the shade #1 (which I have) which should be neutral (nor pink nor yellow) has a good hint of orange in it. But I like YSL`ish scent of the foundation. The coverage is medium, but it is buildable. As a conclusion I think this may be a good foundation for oily skin.  
3.      Biotherm – Biopur pore reducer (gentle purifying lotion). This is my favorite lotion for summer months. It has a very delicate and nice scent to it. It really helps to deal with enlarged pores and prevents the formation of blackheads. It also refines the skin texture very good.
4.      Stenders (Latvian brand) – southern coconut body butter. This one is totally different from other body butters (i.e. TheBodyShop body butters) in terms of texture. This is more like natural coconut butter (or oil? - whatever). At the temperature ~22-25°C it melts and transforms to oil. I like to heat it in palms of my hands and then apply to very dry areas of my skin (like legs, knees and elbows). It is a very good moisturizer. And I adore coconut smell :) The cost of the body butter (70g) is 4.60 Ls (~9 $) If you are interested in Stenders products (they make a lot of natural soaps, creams, oils, bath salts and other stuff) you can visit http://www.ziepes.lv/
5.      Lancome – color ideal poudre (I wrote about this in a post – cosmetic loss) I think this is a good powder, but nothing special about it.
6.      Madara (Latvian brand) – deep moisture fluid (sample). All Madara cosmetics have EcoCert certificate which means that the cosmetics made from natural ingredients. It has really good moisturizing properties, but I can not stand this grassy scent. It is too obvious and too officious    :( If you like natural products – try this (but I would recommend trying sample at first). http://www.madara-cosmetics.com/ It s also available at feelunique.com
7.      Sysley – eye and lip contour balm (sample). The scent of it is very nice and delicate. The gel consistency of this balm is strange. To my mind it is too sticky. But it has good moisturizing properties and also fights fine lines around the eyes. OMG! You can buy full size 30ml/1oz for 104 Euros (~140 $). I won`t do this :)
8.      Lierac – initiac 1st wrinkle cream (sample). Maybe it is too early for me use creams like this (I am 26), but it think it is too heavy. The scent is nice, but I prefer my current eye cream - Avene - Soothing Eye Contour Cream.
This is it! Hope you find this information useful.