Hello gorgeous! In a middle of August Latvian cosmetic company Dzintars launched new blushes, lipsticks, foundations and eye shadows. Previously they did not produce any eye shadows and blushes. So I was very interested to see new Latvian cosmetics. I purchased 2 blushes (shades T1 – pink and T3 – natural), as the eye shadows were not available at that moment.
Just look how cute is the packaging! Reminds me of ice cubes :) 
These are cream blushes, but totally not look like NYX cream blushes. They are more like cream to powder consistency and the pigmentation is not so intense. But to my mind it is good because it is much harder to overdo. They blend very well and have a little bit of shimmer.

T1 is a peachy pink and T3 is a coral pink (T3 has definitely more shimmer).
Picture of blushes in hand to see approximate size
And finally swatches (T3 on the left and T1 on the right)

I found these blushes good quality and interesting product especially for the price (as I remember 1,59 Ls (about 3$) each. I would recommend this product to my friends and highly recommend to try these all the Latvian girls.