Hello gorgeous! Some time ago I got my first Dior makeup but have no time to write about it. So it is Saturday and sun trying to get through the clouds and my eyes cached this shiny silver box inside the commode.
I bought this set from Douglas shop for 23.60 Ls (about 46$). The set contains Diorshow extase mascara and mini 5-colour eyeshadow.  As I understand the mini eyeshadow palette came as a gift. This is how the packaging looks:
And from the other side:
Actually I still have not tried this one, so I do not have any comments about the mascara, but the packaging looks very chic and expensive.
The eyeshadow palette is quite small:

Inside (artificial light):
And daylight:
The eyeshadows are just amazing! They are very good pigmented, blend easily and have very nice creamy texture. They have this signature Diorish shimmer, but they are not frosty (I hate frosty eyeshadows) at all. The name of this palette is Stylish Move N970. I adore all the shades. 
Swatches (artificial light):
And daylight:
These are good both for day and night. All the colors are very nice, but taupe (left upper corner) and deep purple are my favorites!  
I think this set can be a great gift to a friend :)