Hello gorgeous! Today is a really dark outside so it is almost impossible to take pictures in daylight :(
First of all I want to say that some time ago my thoughts of AVON were quite negative. I thought their products are low quality, not tested, cheap etc. But then my sister became AVON affiliate and I decided to support her a bit and ordered some products. I was impressed by some of the products and today I will shear my thoughts on their nail polishes.

Today I am wearing nail polish called Night Violet.
The color is a very rich purple with a hint of burgundy and very tiny (I think they are like gold holographic) glitters.

The nail polish applies easily  without any streaks.  I am wearing three coats, but 2 coats work well. It dries like the other nail polishes and to my mind looks gorgeous on my short nails. I also like how the color pops against my fair skin. 

The price of a nail polish is 2.90 Ls (~5.7$) but they do have special offers often. Also I`ve noticed they have new shades in almost every new catalogue, but it is hard to reach new shades as they are sold out really quickly. So if you want some trendy color you need to think fast :)