Hello gorgeous! Some time ago (accidentally) I found an information about Lauren Luke brushes. They seemed to me possible good dupes for my beloved MAC brushes (217 and 239). You can find lots of good dupes for MAC 217, but it is almost impossible to find a dupe for MAC 239. And I love 239! This brush is just amazing for application of eye-shadows or pigments to the lid. But it is pricey and one essential brush is not enough to last all the week :) (I am lazy and can not wash my brushes every day). But having 2 absolutely the same pricey brushes seemed not a very good idea :) So when I saw brushes by Lauren Luke I said to myself - I need to try them out! And here they are (together with my MAC brushes) :

From top to bottom: MAC 239, Lauren Luke flat eye shadow brush, LL tapered blending brush, MAC 217

A closer look:
Even more closer look:  left MAC, right LL

As you can see MAC 239 and LL flat eye shadow brush look pretty similar :) The head of LL brush is little bit smaller and little bit more rounded shape. The hair are very similar (to my mind). They are very soft but firm (bouncy) . MAC brush is more densely packed:
Have to say they both perform brilliant!

Now to the blending brush: left MAC, right LL (side view)

 As you can see MAC brush looks flat from the side and LL is fluffy all over :) (front view)

Actually, these brushes are different :) I just liked the description of LL tapered blending brush. It is said that Slightly longer than the blending shadow brush to allow for a more subtle blending effect of eye shadow, highlighting and contour powder. And this is true :) The hair are very soft and it gives more blurred result than regular blending brush.

In case if you dont know - Lauren Luke is a make up artist. She has her blog and shop. Also she has a youtube channel  panacea81. So check them out :)
Together with my parcel from LL I received a letter where Lauren says that she believes, that good brushes can be affordable :) And her brushes are just amazing for the price! So if you want good quality brushes not spending about £20 for one brush - grab LL brushes!
P.S. flat eye shadow brush from LL costs £4.00 only (in comparison MAC 239 costs £19.00), LL tapered blending brush costs £4.50. The shipping cost to Latvia for 2 brushes was £3.99.
P.P.S. LL shop accepts paypal payments only.