Hello gorgeous! These are my empties:

If you remember I started up a challenge called Use It UP! (here). And I think I succeed :) I continue to use my facial cleansers (thanks God they soon will come to an end) without buying new ones :) 
So here you can see:
  • Liz Earle cleanse & polish hot cloth cleanser. I love it! This cleanser rocked my face care routine :) My complete review can be found here
  • TheBodyShop Lychee blossom body butter. Well...Actually I hate body butters :) They do not soak in the skin. Afterwards I can feel some kind of a film on my skin (HORRIBLE!).
  • Avene Soothing Eye Contour Cream. I like it. It has good moisturizing properties. My complete review here.
  • Scholl callus and hard skin reducing cream. If you use this regularly it does the job. Hard skin get dissolved (skin is not coming off like after using scrubs or peels, but it is much more smoother then it used to be). I Highly recommend this product.
  • Facial masks. Both from drugstore (Drogas). Nourishing mud mask Chocolate from Superdrug and Coconut ultra moisturizing shea butter mask from Beauty Formulas. I love clay masks :) And these not just clearing out your pores, but also smell nice :) Cheap aromatherapy :) BTW scent of coconut is not overwhelming :)
  • Neutrogena visibly clear wash/mask. This one was also great :) The only downside I found is the soapy smell :) Complete review here.
  • Philip Kingsley PK4hair - hair vitamins. I have to admit I used these for 1 month only but I did not see any positive changes in my hair (my hairdresser advised me to try vitamins for pregnant (for hair :) and they worked! My hair look shiny and I have a lot of new hair growing). Also I dont understand how soya protein isolate (which is the only active ingredient in these capsules) can help your hair. Also...soya protein isolate can be bought 10 times cheaper (it is included in lots of sport supplements i.e. - here).
  • Placent Activ ampules. This helped me to fight hair loss when if used regularly (basic course). Afterwards my hair started to fall out again :( But I liked the fact that after using ampules I needed to wash my hair less often (ampules regulate sebium production). I hated that these have low pH (which may be good in other cases) and bleached my hair dye :( I ended up with reddish-awful-brown-whatever color :)