Hello gorgeous! Sorry for not posting for a while - I had terribly busy week. Today I am going to show one of my favorites :) This is Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Sippin' N Dippin' by Benefit. I just adore cream eyeshadows because you can apply them very quickly using just your fingers.

Also I love cosmetics by Benefit and one of the reasons is their gorgeous packaging :) And all the Benefit products I own are great quality. So let`s come to the Sippin' N Dippin'. The color is just AMAZING!

I tried to catch on camera how the color changes depending on the light

The color changes from salmony-peachy to peachy gold. This color looks very trendy and very springy :)
And swatches on my eyes closed:

and open:

Benefit Creaseless Creames blend very easy end evenly. You can use one coat  to have a nice transparent cloud of color or layer them to have intense result. They apply great both using a brush or just fingers.
Hope it was interesting :)
BTW I like how this color matches my new blog theme :D