Hello gorgeous! Today I am going to share my thoughts about luxurious foundation by YSL. I was very impressed by my first YSL foundation called Teint Resist, so  I thought  that Teint Majeur gonna blow me away (you can check the price difference between these two foundations). Let see if the dream came true?
First impression you get when you open the box and see the packaging. Looks just amazing, huh?

Foundation comes with a tiny brush (which is totally useless):

From manufacturer: Offer your skin the best in Yves Saint Laurent makeup and skincare with Teint Majeur, the new foundation developed from the prestigious Temps Majeur skincare range.
Be seduced by this delightful, ultra-comfortable cream foundation that is both lightweight and unctuous for a pleasurable application and ultimate sensuality. The combined action of the legendary 'mushroom of eternal youth,' or ganoderma lucidum, with two brilliant active ingredients works anti-aging miracles.
Teint Majeur preserves the skin's elasticity, improves its moisture and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The skin recovers its original fullness, softness and suppleness.
I got my Teint Majeur in shade #3 (opal). 

A swatch on hand:

What I dislike about this foundation is the fact that it changes color when dries (it become more orange toned, but it may be a problem only of a particular shade). Also the packaging feels very luxury, but I would prefer a foundation with a pump (I just think it is much more hygienic).
Foundation has luxury very YSLish scent (which have most of the YSL foundations). This foundation has SPF 18. The coverage is medium and would say it is almost impossible to build up. Because of formula (or I just don`t know why) it starts like to roll off and emphasize the appearance of pores. But if you use just a thin layer everything is fine. It is written in the manual (yes, this product has included manual!) that the foundation contains Ampli Light + complex (don`t ask me what is this), made of micro-transmitters capable of capturing and  amplifying the ambient light.The light is diffused in all directions and creates a halo which smoothes the skin`s texture and conceals small imperfections. Well...I just don`t see any radiance on my skin with this foundation. Actually when I use it I always use a highlighter. Because otherwise my skin looks totally flat. Also I have not noticed any improvement in my skin using this foundation (maybe because I don`t have wrinkles?). But I saw (on some blog, which I can not find at the moment) an information that this foundation helps to heal acne (which, thanks God, I  don`t have).
My bare skin:

And wearing Teint Majeour:

As a conclusion I want to say that it is a good foundation, but (in my opinion) not worth the price (RRP is about 100 $ in USA).