Hello gorgeous! Today I was inspired by Baiba and decided to review one of my favorite mascaras and this is Diorshow Extase. First of all - it looks amazing! :D I love this mirror silver packaging with lots of Dior Dior Dior prints on it :)

By manufacturer: Instant Oversize Volume Mascara. A revolutionary formula with spectacular plumping volume that glides over the lashes to coat them one by one. Enriched with Metamorphosis Powder and spherical black pearl pigments, it is specially designed to amplify lash volume and deliver deep intensity to the eyes in a single stroke. Inspired by the layers featured in dresses with spectacular volume, the brush with its exclusive couture design combines two types of fibers to coat and comb the lashes for guaranteed volume.

My thoughts: not only the packaging but the formula is also gorgeous. It is not too thick, not too runny - perfect! This mascara applies very well do no make any clumps and definitely won`t turn you lashes into spider legs :D 
Mascara wand:

Diorshow Extase is avaliable in three colors: Brown Extase, Plum Extase and Black Extase. I have my mascara in Black Extase. I think Plum Extase is going to be irresistible!

And my eye naked:

And wearing Diorshow Extase:

To my mind this mascara gives both volumizing and lengthening effects. As I already mentioned Diorshow Extase is one my favorites and worth every penny (the RRP in Latvia is about 26 Ls ~52 $).
What is your favorite mascara?