Hello gorgeous! Some time ago I was a big fan of Lancome Juicy tubes (when they were on top). The only downside in Juicy tubes was their just INCREDIBLE stickiness. And sticky lips and shoulder length long hair together is just a nightmare. When I found that YSL is launching Glossy Stain I thought - I NEED THIS! Why? Because YSL promised:
Glossy Stain from Yves Saint Laurent provides ultimate wear, ultimate shine, and ultimate colour. The true revolution of this decade is the coming together of an extremely long–lasting stain formula and glossy shine, using a patented exclusive spatula for precise and smooth application. Pure water soluble pigments fused in a transparent texture for non sticky, long–lasting, high–shine gloss.

I got my Glossy Stain in Corail Fauve. The packaging looks very chic and reminds me of nail polish :) The formulas is very creamy. Glossy stain feels very moisturizing on my quite dry lips. It smells like raspberries, but not like very sweet synthetic berries. To my mind the smell is quite close to the natural a bit sour raspberry scent. It is not overwhelming and  disappears within first 30 min of wearing. The applicator is totally useless to my mind. It is just too big. So I use a lip brush to apply Glossy Stain.

Glossy stain stays about 4 hours on my lips. It really is not so sticky. I can not say that it is totally non sticky...it is almost non sticky :) What I like about Glossy Stain is the fact that it is almost does not transfer to my boyfriend`s cheeks :) Actually, this is the best thing happened to my lips for last couple of years :)

RRP is 22.50 GBP. I think that the product is quite pricey, but it is something completely new and worth trying :) 
Great job, YSL! I like that every season YSL comes with some completely new products and new formulas.