Hello Gorgeous! Today I gonna share my experience about dry shampoo by Andrew Barton. First of all (in case if you don`t know this) dry shampoos are not working for thick hair. To see any results you need to have fine hair :) and also I think that thick hair stay fresh longer (not one day), so don`t be lazy :)

I`ve tried a lot of dry shampoos and always I am not satisfied with the result, because my hair look matte and even gray. But this shampoo is completely different! First of all I adore the smell of it. It is some kind of a blend of vanilla and cotton candy (om nom nom :) The powder is very finely milled, so when you brush through your hair with fingers you wont get a bundle of messy white substance under your nails. To check how visible the powder is I sprayed the shampoo on the bathroom tile and you can see it is almost transparent.

And the best thing about it: this is the only dry shampoo I`ve tried which not makes your hair look matte. You really get shiny happy hair!
By the way it is available from most drugstores and retails for about 8$.