I have read a post by Darya Kozachenko (I hope I wrote the name correctly in English) about beauty books at elle.ru HERE 
Darya is a very popular beauty blogger in Russia and she writes: no matter how long you are interested in makeup – a good (beauty) book may change your life. Afterwards is a short description of some of her favorites and she divided the books in categories: basics, books for advanced make up geeks etc. I was so excited by this post and decided that I NEED some beauty book too :) So I started to search for the books at amazon.com and I found that all of the beauty books are quite pricey ( from 40 to … dollars + shipping) and I found that there are a lot of used ones J First book I purchased was Bobbi Brown “Beauty Evolution”. I paid 2 $ for the book itself and about 16 or 18 $ for delivery (from US to Latvia). And it was totally worth it! :)

About the book: Bobbi gave an undertitle (or whatever it is) to the book – a guide to a lifetime of beauty. I would say that it really describes the content of the book. The book teaches you how to look (and feel) your best at every age (from your teens to even your seventies and beyond). 

The main idea is to make woman to accept and to love the changes happening in her life (and on her face or body). There are no make up looks, but many good and usable advices what can make you feel and look better when you got some breakout or on your bad hair day. You can find make up and even micro-element list, which is important in your age to save your beauty and to make investment in your future beauty (e.g. particular vitamins or sunscreen).

I changed my mind about some things and started to pay attention to things I never thought about. Some advices I found useful to me:
  • When you wake in the morning, really look at your skin and what it needs. Don`t just blindly reach for whatever you used yesterday because your skin could be drier, oilier, or more tired than it was yesterday.
  •  I find it helpful to write on the tube (of cosmetic product) when I bought it so I don`t accidentally keep an old one hanging around too long.
  • (About how to look good in photos) For indoor photography, you have to factor in the flash. A flash tends to emphasize pink tones, so be sure to use only yellow-based foundation and powder.  
I found this book very interesting. It was like unexpected turn in my makeup life :)
P.S. The New Beauty Secrets (by Laura Mercier) is the next, and then Face Forward (by Kevyn Aucoin). Make Up Your Mind (by Francois Nars) is in my wishlist.