Hello gorgeous! Today I am going to share my experience with "Baby Foot".
So, what is Baby Foot? Baby Foot is an exfoliator pack which promises you deep foot skin exfoliation and afterwards you should say "goodbye" to cracked feet. Sounds great, right?

The product is made in Japan which also sounds promising (to me). There are some funny pictures on the packaging - probably after using these fancy socks(?) my feet should feel (and look) like this:

As usual I will show you some nasty images of my feet before the treatment:

And the most problematic areas:

So, the pack includes instructions and socks :)

They are quite big, but there is special tape inside the packaging to adjust the size for your feet

And finally: me wearing socks:

I was hanging around like a bear for 2 hours (as it is said in the instruction). And with every single step "Baby Foot" were making "PFFFFFF" sound :D Afterwards I washed my feet and waited for the miracle :D 
After some time I noticed my feet became very dry and I would say a bit itchy. And this is a big downside, because you cant using any creams until the peeling process will come to an end (may be a week or more) :(
I noticed significant skin peeling after 7 days:

But the most problematic area is still problematic :)

And final results:

Final thoughts: This was interesting product to try. It worked, but I was expecting more "dramatic" effect (you can compare my images with images on product packaging). I think similar effect may be achieved using salicilic acid (can be obtained from pharmacies or you can use Skin Doctors Ingrow go as an alternative). 
P.S. The product is available at pharmacies. I purchased it on sale. The price was 7.50 Ls (~15$), but the full price is 15 Ls (~30$) ant to my mind the product is not worth its full price :(