Hello Gorgeous! Sorry for the silence for some time, but I have a lot of job :(
Today I gonna show you my last purchase from Avon. I got eyeshadows in color glitz & glamour, blusher in color soft plum and nail polish violetta sparkle.

Design of the box is unusual, but I would prefer this cute box better :) (I believe this is the USA version)

And this is my :)

The colors of eyeshadows remind me Dior blue tie collection. I am truly amazed by the quality of the eyeshadows! (Except the lightest pearly color, as I don`t own any more such a chalky eyeshadow)

The rest three colors are very pigmented, very creamy and have very nice and smooth texture. But unfirtnately it is very hard to catch the right color of the eyeshadow on the camera :(  For more true colors you may again visit  http://msprettyfulgirl.blogspot.com/2011/12/buy-blog-avon.html The interestng fact I noticed that msprettyfulgirl has totally opposite opinion about these eyeshadows ( I believe there is a difference in manufacturing place). I think these are definitely worth the price (I don`t remember precise, but it was 7-9$).
The next comes blusher. Just look what an interesting effect I got! :)

The actual color is a bit warmer and has chic golden shimmer.
And the swatch:
The blusher is soft and smooth. It blends out easily and what is interesting - the brush is not so bad as the usual brushes coming with blushes :) I will pay more attention to the Avon blushes (but I think the color selection is pretty poor for the moment).
The last (but not least) comes nail polish:

The color is rich plum with quite big golden glitters. I have not tried it on my nails yet but I love the quality of  the nail polishes by Avon.
This was my little haul. Hope it was interesting :)