Hello Gorgeous! Since I first time tried to use a shaver I have a problem with ingrown hair. And nothing helps it. I tried to use epilator instead of shaving, but it turned my problem even worse. Scrubs just not help at all, because ingrown hair are located very deep under the skin. I solved the problem by photo epilation, but if I get some ingrown hair I use Skin doctors - Ingrow Go. This is the only cosmetic product which is really improves the situation. You wont see the results immediately (the hair should come out in about a week). The active ingredient is Acetyl Salicylic Acid, it also contain Glycolic Acid. It smells like  Salicylic Acid :) sometimes I use it on blemishes or little spots (and it really works) - so it is a multi purpose product :) I just dip cotton swab into the product and roll it over problem area. You need very little amount of the lotion every time, so the bottle will last ages :)  The bottle holds 120 mL of product and retails for about 17$. Available from Feelunique.I think the lotion is just a dream came true :)